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Kirriemuir, Angus

(Replaces Survey 145) 

List supplied by Dundee University Library

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Kirriemuir, Angus.

Bundle 1

Titles and miscellaneous writs, mainly relating to lands in Angus, 1470-1600

Procuratory by Jonet Ramsay of Crennok, with consent of David Lindsay, her spouse, appointing Thomas Fothringham of Powry3 Gavin Grahame and Robert Balmanogh, burgess of Dundee, to resign in the hands of David, earl of Craufurd, the lands of Clova, Kyrktone of Clova, Arntybbyr, Clauchleich and third of Balinharde. At Petcrufy. 2 December .1470. [Seal].A photo of this document is displayed on our Balnaboth site-click here to see

Charter by David, earl of Craufurd, to Thomas Ogilvy of Clova, following the above resignation. At Dundee. 25 April 1471. [Seal].

Crown charter confirming charter by same to same of said lands, dated 6 July 1482. 25 October 1482. [Seal].A close up photo of the King's seal is shown on our Balnaboth site-click here to see

Precept by John, abbot of Jedburgh and prior of Restynnet, for infefting

Hercules Guthrie, son of John Guthrie of Over Dysart, in the lands of Owyer

Dysart and Fischarland of Dunnynald, at the port of Ullyshawyn. 12 September 1525

Instrument of sasine in favour of Marion Ogilvy, daughter of the deceased James, lord Ogilvy, of the lands of Hantestoun; on precept by William Wod of Bonytoun, dated 8 May 1529. 15 May 1529.

Decreet of the sheriff court of Forfar in causa Hercules Guthrie v. Thomas Me1weill of Disert, anent the lands of Litill Disert 26 July 1540.

Decreet of the sheriff court of Forfar in causa Alexander Melwill and Thomas his son, v. Hercules Guthrie, anent the lands of Mekle Disert. 29 November 1540.

Copy charter by Cardinal Betoun, commendator of Arbroath, to Sir John Stewart of Enermeith, of the kirklands of Innerlounan. 21 July 1544.

Contract between William Ruthven of Ballenden and Hercules Guthrie in Lounen and Jonet Anderson, his spouse, disponing half of Drumbartneth. 18 October 155l.

Copy retour of the old extent of the temporal and ecclesiastical lands in the shire of Kincardine. 4 March 1554.

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Inhibition under the signet at instance of Hercules Guthrie of Over Dysart against William Petcarnie, anent Dumbarnet. 17 March 1562/3.

Charter by William Pettillok, chaplain of St Duthac in the bridge chapel (capellam pontanam) of Abirbrothok, with consent of William Scott, bail as patron, to Niniam Duncan and Egidia Blake, his spouse, of a tenement the burgh. 31 December 1564.

Letters of horning (copy) at instance of George, commendator of Abirbrothok for payment of dues by the feuars, tacksmen etc. 3 March 1569/70.

Extract contract registered in the commissary court of Brechin, 30 November between David Betoun of Melgound, with consent of Lucrece Betoun, his spouse, and Alexander Wischart of Carnbeig, anent the alienation to Ena, Wischart’s daughter, of a quarter of Melgound, reserving a liferent to Alexander a Mariory Falconer, his spouse, under reversion. 2 November l58l.

Contract between James Betoun of Melgound and Lucrece Betoun, relict of David Betoun, relict of David Betoun of Melgound, father of James, each undertaking to pay certain, debts. 30 May 1593.

Obligation by Walter Guthrie, burgess of Montrose, undertaking to obtain from George Patre burgess there, a discharge to David Betoun of Melgoun for victual of crop 1598 sold by him to Patre.(?) 1598.

Copy of part of a crown charter specifying the north-west boundary of barony of Lentrathen. 10 March 1598.

Disposition by John Guthrie of Lounan to Mr Alexander Keithe in Over Dysart of the straw and fodder on the lands of Lounane of crop.1600. (?)1600.

Bundle 2

"18th cent;ury financial papers", 1697-1732.

Mainly bonds and discharges with a few accounts rendered to John Ogilvie Balbegno, for clothing and cloth, 1718-1722, and wine, 1720. Also includes

Forfarshire charge, "old blenches", 1707-1727.

Account of "moss maill", Robert Middletone of Balbegno to Thomas Rothes

Bund1e 3

"18th century legal papers", c 1701-1750.

Bundle 4

"18th century titles", relating mainly to Glenprosen and the barony of Clova

c 1711-1790.

Bundle 5

"Ecclesiastical papers", c 1555-1824. Includes:

Discharges for ferms, teinds and augmentation of Lunan and Innerlunan,

to the abbey of Arbroath, 1555-1614, with relative decreets of 1562, l563 and 1583.

Instrument on the minister's possession of the manse and Lounan designed to him by the presbytery, 1598.


Tack by Robert Kynneir, vicar of Brechin~ to John Guthrie of Lounan, of vicarage of Litill Dysart, 1601. [Chapter seal of Brechin and signatures of bishop and dignitaries]

Receipts etc. for stipend, as fo1lows:-vicar of Innerlunan, 1571.

minister of Montrose, 1570-71, 1580.




Tannadice, 1700, 1794.

Kingoldrum, 1720.

Cortachy andClova,1726,1727,1789,1825.

Killemuir, no date.

Rental of the bishopric of Brechin within Angus, l667 [3pp]

Contract (imperfect) between John, earl of Craufurd and Lyndsay, and John Lyndsay, burgess of Anstruther, relating to the parsonage and vicar of Craill, 8 May 1667.

Extract of presbyterial visitation of the parishes of Cortachy and Clova with reference to the repair of the churchyard dykes of Cortachy and the rebuilding of the church of Clova, 1718.

Bond to the minister and kirk session Salton for 600 merks Scots, 1720.

Paper referring to the highland Churches Act and the maintenance a missionary for Clova and Glenprosen, 1824.

Bund1es 6-12 "Seventeenth century titles and deeds"

Bundle 6

Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to Bastardbank, 1622-1671.

Bundle 7

Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to Aucharnies, Arnetibber and Inshedouris, 1632-1696.

Bundle 8

Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to the barony of Clova, [Angus],1625-1687.

Bundle 9

        Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to Memus, 1669-1692.

Bundle 10

Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to Glenprosen, 1614-1669. Includes a contract anent the forest of Glenprosen, 1620.

Bundle 11

Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to Kirkton of Clova, 1654-1660.

Bundle 12

Titles and miscellaneous writs relating to various subjects in Angus, c 1620-1690


Bund1es 13-17 "17th century financial and legal papers"

Bundle 13

Bonds, assignations and miscellaneous financial papers, 1636-1700.

Bundle 14

Miscellaneous papers relating to sale and transfer of victual, farm stock and other moveable property, 1629-1697. Includes:

Inventory of the house and bigging of George Ogilvie in Arbirnie, specifying numbers of rooms, stables, couples, doors and windows, 162c (in Disposition by George Ogilvie in favour of Alexander Keith).

Receipt by George Ogilvie of victual from the tenants of Sir John Ogilvie of Invercarity. Gives names of tenants, 1679-1681.

Account of the goods, livestock, horses, sheep, farm implements etc on the Mains of Lunan, apprised by John Guthrie in Over Dysart and others to George Ogilvie tutor of Innercaritie, 1697.

Bundle 15

Accounts and precept, 1622-1678:

Account of disbursements at the illness, death and burial of Sir David Ogilvie and his lady, 1678. Includes servants' wages. [24pp]

Account of the money, prices of beasts, debts etc., wherewith Sir John Ogilvy of Innercarity charges his uncle George Ogilvy as empowered to intromit therewith, 1682. [2O pp.]

Precept for the payment of 4 score pounds stg. to be paid to Robert and

Alexander Mylne for joists for rebuilding the north quarter of Holyrood

House, 1662.

Bundle 16

Miscellaneous financial papers) mainly receipts for excise duty, 1658-1687 Includes account for travelling expenses from Forfar to Cupar [Fife], 1676

Bundle 17

Diligence writs and other miscellaneous legal papers, 1666-1698

Bundle 18

Commissions, burgess tickets and other similar documents, 164l-1698

Extract from crown charter granting to the provost and bailies of Dundee the office of sheriffship of the burgh, 1641.

Passport by the states general of the United Netherlands in favour of Lieutenant General Middeltone, 16-. [In Dutch]

Pardon of Mr James Simson, processed for treasonable crimes, 30 May l661

Commission to Andrew Middleton as ensign in the castle of Dumbartoun, 12 March 1667.


(Copy) commission to Sir David Ogilvy as lieutenant in the Earl of Airlie's troop of horse, 26 August l666.

Burgess ticket of Forfar in favour of George Ogilvy, brother of Sir David Ogilvy of Innercarity;, 26 August 1667.

Commission to Sir David Ogilvy of Clova as lieutenant in Lord Ross's troop of horse, 4 September l674.

Commission by the Earl of Airlie appointing John Ouchterlony bailie depute of the regality of Aberbrothock 1703.

Commission by the Earl of Airlie appointing John Ogilvie of Lunan bailie depute of the regality of Brechin, 1 November 1707.

Assignation of the bailiary of Arbroath by John Ouchterlony to.John 0gi1vie,1709

Burgess ticket of Montrose in favour of John Ogilvie, younger of Lunan advocate, 27 October 1710.

Commission by John Ogilvie of Balbygno, advocate, as bailie depute of Arbroath, appointing William Wallace his substitute, 30 July 1718.

Deputy 1ieutenancy of Forfar in favour of Hon. Donald Ogilvy of Clova, 1827

Commission to same as colonel of the Forfar and Kincardine militia, 1828.

Bundle 19

Marriage contracts, 1646-1840.

David Erskin of Kirkbuddo and Elizabeth Ogilvy, eldest daughter of Sir James Ogilvy, fiar of Newgraing, 3 April 1646.

Sir David Ogilvy of Cloway and Margaret Hamiltoune, relict of Sir John Kenneddie of Collleane, 27 May 1667.

Andrew Middletone of Pettgarvie and Anna Forbes, youngest daughter of deceased. Thomas Forbes of Wattertoune and of Jean Ramsay, 4 November 1678.

Sir David Ogilvy of Cloway and Isobel Guthrie, daughter of deceased Patrick Guthrie of Auchmithie, 3 October 1682.

Roger Robertson of Ladykirk and Helen, daughter of John Ogilvy of Airlie, 1759.

Walter Ogilvy, second son of deceased John, Ear1 of Airlie, and Margaret Fullarton, second daughter of William Fullarton of Fullarton, 1761.

Sir John Forster Fitzgerald and Lady Jean Fitzgerald, 1840.

Bundle 20

Testamentary documents, 1598-1838.

David Allane, son of David Allane in Mains of Cragow, 1598.

Patrick Guthrie of Auchmithie, 1647.

George Ogilvy of Lounan)[l7th century].

William Luggott, slater, burgess of Dundee, 1666.


Harry Wood, merchant, Forfar, 1674.

Sir David Ogilvy of Innercarity, 1683

Kaitherine Wischeart, daughter of deceased John Wischeart of that ilk, 1689.

Thomas Clephane in St Andrews, 1705.

Henry Rodger, merchant in Kirriemuir, 1728.

Sir John Mylne, Bart., 1788.

                    Earl of Airlie, 1820 and 1838.


Bundle 21

Leases by Donald Ogilvy of Clova,1830-1858. Subjects include:

Atton, Aucharroch, Braedounie and Whitewater, East and West Bonhard, Buckhood

Cairnton and Cairngreen, Craig and Burn of Kilbo, Curmuir, Glenlogie and

Craigymaig, Glentarie, North and South Inchdownie, Inchmill, Kirkton of Clova

Runtaleave, Whitehaugh.

Bundle 22

Inventories of writs, 1691-1734.


Bundle 23

Miscellaneous papers, 1661-c 1850:

Petition of John Ewing of Cuikispow and Mary E1phinstoun his spouse, with reference to damage done by Sir Charles Erskine of Alway and Eng1ish soldiers in 1656. 1661.

Account of the charges and expenses in the funerals of the marquis of Montrose and Sir William Hay of Dalgaty, 1662.

'Compt book of the earle of Midletouns estate, charge and discharge, cropt 1681'. [Two copies].

Act of the commissioners and heritors of the sheriffdom of Banff anent the excise, 1682.

Estab1ishment for the garrison of the castle of Edinburgh, for a company of 120 foot soldiers, [late 17th century ]

Charge, lady of Clunie to Gilbert Hay, factor, for the rent of the barronie of Clunie for crops 1714-5. [l6pp]

Account of the emoluments of the regality court of Aberbrothock since the 27 of August 1718

"Sketch" of a new line of road from Cortachy to Balnaboth, 1822; gives distances of old and new lines but does not include a plan. [plan held elswhere in archive]

Resolutions of freeholders of Forfar against the reform bill of 1832. [Printed]

Ru1es for a 'club to be called the Clova Gathering'. 19th century.

Book of legal styles, l7tb century. Various names scribbled on the cover:

including John Guthrie, David Guthrie and James Ogilvie


Papers relating to scholmaster's salaries; John Doig, Cortachy,1728; John Melvill, Fettercairn, 1733; David Wylie, Fettercairn, 1749;John Fraser,:Cortachy, 1790..

Bundle 24

Rentals, tacks and leases, 17 cent. to 1815.



Rental of Esterbrekie, [17th centuryl.

Rental of 'Fentreis lands" - Glenprossine, Easter Persie, Mains beside Dundee and Fentrie, [17th century].

"Nott of some of the rents within the presbetry of Aberbrothok"[17th century 3pp]

"The rentall of the lands in Cloway wadset be David Ogilvy, then of Cloway, to Andrew Linsay, father to David Linsay in Kirktoune", [17th century].

Rental of Easter Powrie, 1661.

Rental of the laird of Innercarity's lands and inventory of his writs, 1678. [7 pp.]

Acts of the baron court of Balbegno decerning the tenants to pay certain dues, 1693-94.

"A true doubill of the depositions of the tenants of the estate of Newgrange anent the rentall thereof, and of Brakie and of Lunnan", 1695. [3 pp]

Warning to one of Walter Ogilvie of Clova's tenants in Wheen 1774

Letter of James Lindsay acknowledging his feu duty of Spott to Walter Ogilvy of Clova, 1777.

Tacks and leases.

Sir John Ogilvy of Innercaritie to Alexander Layng, of Mains of Innercaritie.


Sir Francis Ogilvy of Newgrange to George- 0gi1vy, tutor of Innercaritie, of Mains of Lounan, Cottoun and others, 7 June 1687.

Robert Midleton of Balbegno to David Austin, of Mains of Balbegno, 19 March 1707.

Robert Midleton of Balbegno to William Sutor in Planting head of Balbegno, of part of Balbegno possessed by William Piter, 15 January 1708.

Robert Middleton of Ba1begno to James Law, of Westsyde of Thorniehill, 28 July 1708.

The Earl of Airlie to James Pattoun, of the mill of Cortachy, 1712.

Mr John Ogilvie of Balbegno, advocate, to John Kinloch, of '-Meikle Strath, 9 October 1722.

Sir James Kinloch of that ilk to William McNicol, of Crombie, 18 January 1725.

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Sir James Kinloch of that ilk to James Wilson, of Craigie Meig, 20 November 1728.

Mr John Ogilvie of Balbegno, advocate, to David Croll and Andrew, his son, of part of east side of Balbegno possessed by Thomas Carnegie, 14 August 1730

Donald Ogilvy of Balbegno to Patrick Grant, of Caldcotes, 1815.

Bundle 25

Miscellaneous financial and legal correspondence to Sir James Ogilvy of Newgrange James Ogilvy, his brother; and other members of the Ogilvy family, 1659-1699. Includes 5 letters signed "Adam" to James Ogilvy which refer to parliamentary intrigue and military events on the continent, 1673-1676.

Bundle 26

Miscellaneous estate and family correspondence mainly to Walter Ogilvy of Clova 1726-1794.


25 November 1767. Charles Guthrie to Walter Ogilvy of Clova. Concerns the education in Edinburgh of a nephew of Walter Ogilvy.

9 August 1790. George Dempster of Dunnichen to Walter Ogilvy of Clova. Asks permission for his brother to shoot on Ogilvy's lands.

15 January 1791. Calcutta. Walter Ogilvy [? a relative] to Walter Ogilvy of Clova. Gives personal impressions of military service in Bengal.

Bundle 27

Miscellaneous correspondence mainly to Colonel Ogilvy, Walter Ogilvy and Donald Ogilvy, all of Clova, c 1801-1832. Mainly concerning fami1y, legal and minor estate affairs, with some reference to the succession to the Airlie estate. Includes correspondence of John Ogilvy in the West Indies and his parents, 1807-1808, relating to effects on the islands of change of affairs in Spain. Mentions the incidence of fever and the reinforcement of the garrison on Barbice,and gives a description of Demerara.

Bundle 28

Legal accounts rendered to Donald Ogilvy of Clova for miscellaneous estate, personal and household expenses, 1824-1884.

Also includes game certificate in favour of Walter Ogilvy of Clova, 1790.

Bundle 29

Correspondence, estimates and specification for farmsteading and drainage scheme at Aucharroch, 1823-1830. Includes plan of proposed farmhouse at Aucharroch, 1825.

Bundle 30

Articles of roup and roup rolls of grass parks, corn and cattle at Balnaboth,


Bundle 31

Rentals and detailed valuation reports of lands and buildings at Glenprosen and Clova, 1836-l863 Also includes:

Petition by Donald 0givy against a tenant for burning heath 1832. Letter concerning dispute over marches in the green of Kilbo,1828. Statement of offer for Cramie, Glenlogie and Craigymaig, 1858.


Bundle 32

Accounts of charge and discharge between Donald Ogilvy and John McNichol1, his factor. Relates to estates of Clova, Glenprosen, Balbegno, 1832-1858.

Bundle 33

Accounts of charge and discharge between Donald Ogilvy and Robert Forrest, his factor, 1860-1867.

Bundle 34

Abstracts of Clova factory accounts, 1835-1859.

Bundle 35

Miscellaneous Clova and Glenprosen factory accounts, 1800-1830. Includes

accounts of charge and discharge between Donald Ogilvy and James McNichol1, his factor.

Also includes account between the Earl of Airlie and James McNicholl relating to rents of Balbegno, 1814.

Bundle 36

As bundle 34, 1819 and 1837-1859.

Bundle 37

Letters and press cuttings relating to Balnaboth shootings, 1835.


Letters to John McNicholl, factor of Clova, concerning various estate matters, particularly rents, 1832. Includes letter describing poor state of repair of the Castle of Balbegno, 2 February, 1832.

Correspondents include Colonel Donald Ogilvy.

Bundle 39

As bundle 38, 1833. Includes letters relating to proposals to build Glencally Bridge, with estimates (not detailed)

Bundle 40

As bundle 38, 1833-1834.

Bundle 41

Genealogical notes and correspondence relating to the 0gilvy family, 1850-1918. Includes "The Family of Ogilvie", a narrative account of the history of the family from 10th-l6th century.

Bundle 42

States of the accounts of James Geekie, overseer at Balnaboth, 1831-1835.

Bundle 43

Miscellaneous estate correspondence, 1844-1854. Also includes a copy of list of articles

of establishment kept by Col. Donald Ogilvy at Balnaboth giving numbers of servants, 1830.


Bundle 44

Abstracts and states of William Anderson's accounts with John McNicholl, factor, with related notes, 1829-1840. Refers to sundry work at Balnaboth and Balbegno.

Bundle 45

Letters to James McNichol1 relating to various estate matters, 1827.

Bundle 46

Miscellaneous estate and personal papers3 1842-1848. Includes list of Col. Ogilvy's tenants in Forfar District, rentals income tax returns, and note of expenses paid by Col. Ogilvy for church repairs.

Bundle 47

Letters from Bonn (2) and London (1) from Col. Donald Ogilvy to James McNicholl, 1835. Includes description of Bonn and district, his house there and prices of provisions.

Bundle 48

Miscellaneous estate correspondence notes and papers, 1808-1840. Includes rentals, notes of money received for roup of wood, accounts, some relating to building of new farmsteading at Aucharroch, and petition and complaint by Donald Ogilvy of Clova against his tenants for burning heath in Glenprosen (1832).

Bundle 49

Vouchers of accounts of James McNicholl as factor to the Earl of Airlie,

1815-1817. Includes accounts and receipts relating to taxes, stipends, schoolmaster’s salaries, improvements, repairs, servants wages, estate, household and garden expenses, and refers to Balnaboth and Cortachy Castle.

Bundle 50

As bundle 49, 1817-1818.

Bundle 51

As bundle 49, 1818-1819. Includes appraisements of the houses of Nether Balloch, 1802 and 1819, and account of expense of repairs to church, manse and school of Cortachy, 1812-1818.


Bundle 52

Vouchers of accounts of James McNicholl as factor to Donald Ogilvy of Clova,

1825-1826. Includes accounts and receipts as in bundle 49.


Bundle 53

Accounts and vouchers mainly of William Anderson, grieve at Balnaboth, for miscellaneous estate expenses, particularly repairs to buildings, 1827-1829. Also includes legal accounts and related correspondence, 1814-1825.

Bundle 54

Miscellaneous estate accounts and vouchers, 1829-1831. Includes tradesmen’s accounts for work at Balnaboth House


Bundle 55

Vouchers of accounts of James Geekie, grieve at Balnaboth, 1835-1836.

Bundle 56

As bundle 55, 1836-1837.

Bundle 57

Notes and memoranda concerning discrepancies in the accounts of Robert Stewart, 1829-1831. [Estate not specified]

Bundle 58

Vouchers of accounts of Alexander Rattray, grieve at Balnaboth, 1838.

Bundle 59

Vouchers of accounts of David Crabbe, 1838-1840. Refers to payments made on behalf of Col. Kinloch of Kilrie for household and personal expenses.


Bundle 60

As bundle 58, 1839-1841.

Bund1e 61

As bundle 58, 1842-1844.

Bundle 62

As bundle 58, 1845-1848.

Bundle 63

As bundle 55, 1833-1834.

Bundle 64

Vouchers of accounts of Robert Ogilvy, grieve at Balnaboth, 1851.

Bundle 65

As bundle 64.

Bundle 66

Vouchers of accounts of Robert Forrest as factor to Donald Ogilvy of Clova, 1865-1866.

Bundle 67

Accounts of charge and discharge between Donald Ogilvy and his factors, James McNicholl and (from 1829) John McNicholl, 1820-1846.

Bundle 68

Accounts of charge and discharge between Mrs Ogilvy of Clova and T.M. Wilson, her factor, 1894-1902.


Bundle 69

Accounts of charge and discharge between Donald Ogilvy of Clova and Robert

Forrest, his factor, 1869 and Mrs Ogilvy of Clova and T.M. Wilson, 1896-1904.

Bundle 70

Cash accounts between Mrs Ogilvy of Clova and T.M. Wilson, 1894; Mrs Ogilvy of Clova and Wilson, Carnegie & Co., 1910.

Bundle 71

Accounts of charge and discharge between Mrs Anne Sarah Ogilvy of Clova and Messrs MacKenzie and Kermack W.S. , her factors, 1909-1919.

Bundle 72

Accounts of charge and discharge between Mrs Anne Sarah Ogilvy of Balnaboth and MacKenzie and Kermack W .S. , her factors, 1919-1927.

Bundle 73

As bundle 72, 1927-1931.

Bundle 74

As bundle 73, [ Drafts]


Miscellaneous accounts between: Donald Ogilvy of Clova and Robert Forrest, solicitor, 1867; the trustees of the late Anne Sarah Ogilvy of Balnaboth and MacKenzie and Kermack, W.S ; 1931-1935; and Charles A. Ogilvy MacLean of Balnaboth and MacKenzie and Kermack, W.S. , 1936-1937.

Bundle 76

Miscellaneous legal and estate papers, with no common factor, 1819 and 1915-1938:

Roup roll of household furniture, the property of the late Earl of Airlie sold at Balnaboth, 1819.

Memorandum for Mrs Ogilvy of Clova concerning annuities under the will of the late John Ogilvy of Inshewan, l9l5.

Leases of farms of Spott, Dalinch3 Buckhood. and Glentairie, 1919,and of Glenprosen Lodge and shootings, 1937.

Livestock insurance policies, 1938.

Bundle 77

Miscellaneous legal and estate papers, 1870-1943. Includes:

Leases of farms, grazings, cottages and shootings on estate of Balnaboth,


Particulars of the deer forest of Bachnagairn belonging to Donald Ogilvy of Clova, 1870. [Printed]

Correspondence concerning terms of employment of gardener, grieve, keeper and labourer at Balnaboth, 1932-1940.


Bundle 78

Legal correspondence, 1917-1932. Some letters refer to proposal to sell Glenprosen 1928.

Bundle 79

Powers of attorney by C.A. Ogilvy Maclean in favour of Lt Col. J.D. Ogilvy and others, 1937-1940.

Bundle 80

Miscellaneous insurance certificates and licences concerning livestock and motor cycle, 1939-1943.

Bundle 81

Miscellaneous estate and legal papers, 1931-1945.

Bundle 82

Factory accounts between Donald Ogilvy of Clova and his factors, John McNicholl, 1846,and Robert Forrest, 1868.

Bundle 83

Insurance policies (fire and livestock), 1940-1956.

Bundle 84

Particulars and conditions of Glentairie Lodge, Balnaboth House and Glenprosen Lodge with inventories of furniture and details of shootings, 1930-1952.

Bundle 85

Charter by Mrs A.S. Ogilvy in favour of trustees for Glenprosen Public hall, 1925, with lease and agreement relating to grazings and cottage, 1929 and 1934.

Bundle 86

Copies of minutes of agreement between Scottish Agricultural Securities Corporation Ltd. and C.A.O. MacLean, with related papers, 1937-1950.

Bundle 87

Misce11aneous personal and estate papers and correspondence, 1926-1955.


Letter of terms of appointment of gamekeeper at Glenprosen, 1926.

Letters relating to Col. Ogilvy's annuities, 1945.

Particulars of Glenprosen estate, for sale 1955.

Bundle 88

Used cheques and stubs of. C.A. Ogilvy MacLean,1939-1949.


Bundle 89

Letters and certificates relating to drainage and insurance, 1929-1952.

Bundle 90

Titles of lands in Glenprosen, 1557 and 1668-1819. Includes:

Warrant under the privy seal in favour of David Grahame of Fentrie, ordaining the gift of the ward, nonentry and other duties of the lands of Glenprosen and others in the sheriffdom of Forfar, [12 August] 1557; with holograph signature of Queen Mary. [In poor repair]

Bundle 91

Titles and inventories of writs relating to lands in the barony of Glenprosen and the lands of Old Montrose, 1660-1763.

Bundle 92

As bundle 91, 1660-1882.

Bundle 93

Titles and miscellaneous writs re1ating mainly to lands of Spott and Pitcarrity in Glenprosen, 1714-1840.

Bundle 94

Miscellaneous title deeds and related correspondence, 1660-1840. Includes contract of marriage between John Henry, eldest lawful son of James Henry [Hendrie] of Buckhood in Glenprosen, and Elspet Gruar [Grewar].

Bundle 95

Titles of the lands of Glenprosen, 1745, with inventory of title deeds and other papers of Donald Ogilvy of Clova, 1851.

Bundle 96

Titles of lands of the barony of Clova, 1744-1745.

Bundle 97

Accounts of charge and discharge between Mrs Ogilvy of Clova and John Ogilvy, her factor, 1890-1892.

Bundle 98

Titles of Clova and Glenprosen, 1744-1932. Includes inventory of title deeds,n.d.

Bundle 99

"Glenprosen Weekly magazine", handwritten in a school exercise book, probably the work of Ogilvy children at Balnaboth, c 1878-1884. Includes verses, essays and composite photographs.

The Book of the Grand Bazaar 'Venice" in Thrums. Programme for bazaar to be held in Kirriemuir, 1903.


Bundle 100

Miscellaneous estate correspondence and vouchers relating to Clova estate, mainly 1820-1831.

Includes appraisement of steading at Bastardbank and (?)Redlakie, 1829. [Originally enclosed in volume 10]

Bundle 101

Miscellaneous letters, financial and personal papers, 1862-1934.


Special minute of meeting of members of Clova gathering regarding the question of school accommodation in Clova, 1864.

Letters relating to the history, repair and sale of a Stradivarius vio1in belonging to Mrs Ogilvy of Balnaboth, 1894.

Bundle 102

Letters and genealogical notes mainly referring to the Morley family 1796-1929.


Two letters from James Morley in Bombay to his wife, Dorothea Morley, one of which contains a detailed account of a cruise to Goa and an encounter with "a fleet of piratical vessels", 1796.

Bundle 103

Letters from John Ogilvy of Inshewan to his aunt, Anne Ogilvy of Balnaboth relating mainly to his activities as an electrical engineer and to the financing of his invention of an electric car and battery, 1898-1914.


Letter from John Ogilvy to Anne Ogilvy about his desire "to go in for electricity", this would not affect his position in society "as gentlemen take part in all sorts of trades now" and after the initial period he would not be doing any of the "Navvy part of the work", 1898

Bundle 104

Letters from Earl of Airlie and his wife Mabell to Mrs Ogilvy, 1886-1894.

Bundle 105

Letters to Mrs Ogilvy of Clova from MacKenzie and Kermack, her solicitors in Edinburgh, concerning the disputed will of Col. Donald Ogilvy, 1885-1915.

Bundle 106

Miscellaneous personal letters mainly to Mrs Ogilvy of Clova, 1869-1880.

Bundle 107

Miscellaneous letters to various members of the Ogilvy family relating to legal, financial and personal matters, 1850-1923.

Bundle 108

Small snapshot and photograph albums:

1. Family and friends; Balnaboth garden and views; harvesting. c 1905-1910.


Bundle 108 (con.)

2. Family and friends) including camping in motor caravan; Collingbourne Church and fair. c 1920-1924.

3. Family and friends; Balnaboth House; car. c 1923~l928.

4. Family and friends; Balnaboth House and garden; bungalow [? in India]. c 1920's-1930's.

5. Family and friends; Balnaboth House. c 1930's.

6. Nepal: views; local children; river boat. c 1940's.

Bundle 109

Small snapshot albums:

    1. Balnaboth garden; group of estate workers; shooting party c 1910-1920.
    2. Balnaboth House and garden. c 1910.

Bundle 110

Loose photographs, mainly portraits and groups of family and friends, c 1900-1918. Includes views and groups in Bonda1 Bermuda, Jamaica and Gibralter,

c 1910-1912, and photograph of machine-gun section of a Gurkha Regiment, 1915.

Bundle 111

Photographic negatives, c 1920's- 1940's:

Groups including estate workers, with a few military photographs.

Bundle 112

Box of miscellaneous photographs and postcards c 1870-1912. Postcards include views in France and Jamaica.

Bundle 113

Postcards including Durham Cathedral, Germany, India and Bermuda, with prints

by Fine Arts Publishing Co., London, of paintings in the National and Tate Ga11eries, c 1913-1922.

Bundle 114

Box of miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, scraps and postcards, c 1950.



Volume 1

Account of Charge and Discharge between the Hon. Donald Ogilvy of Clova

and John McNicoll, his factor, crop 1853.

Volume 2

As volume 1, crop 1854.

Volume 3

As volume 1, crop 1855.

Volume 4

As volume 1, crop 1856.

Volume 5

As volume 1, crop 1857.

Volume 6

As volume 1, crop 1859.

Volume 7

Terrier of Glenprosen, 1858. Gives details of tenants' holdings.

Volume 8

Terrier of Clova, 1854.

Volume 9

Account of the "Beare Mouter and Geneshape soulde in meale", 1776.

Volume 10

Accounts with the tenants and feuars of Clova, Glenprosen, Aucharroch, Bastardbank, Balbegno and others, 1816-1830.

Volume 11

Cash account of the rents of the Clova and Glenprosen Estates, 1825-1831.

Volume 12

Reports on Clova, 1851-1858.


Volume 13

Account of Walter Ogilvy of Clova, his intromissions with the funds of

the fami1y of Airlie during Lord Airlie's absence and abode in France,


Volume 14

Estate cash book, 1761-1771.

Volume l5

Ledger of wide variety goods purchased from Indian merchants; payment in rupees, 1783-1784.

Volume 16

Extracts from Latin texts: Walter Ogilvy, Glasgow, 1753.

Volume 17

Va1uation roll of the County of Forfar, 1823.

Volume 18

The Farmer and Land Steward's Assistant or, a Specimen of Farm Book-keeping, by John Mather, Castle Hill, Carse of Gowrie, 1819.

Volume 19

"Legends of Angus (no.1); The Wily Doll - A legend of Clova in Angus",

[late 19th century].

Volume 20

House book, 1897-1921. Entries include wages, personal and household expenses.

Volume 21

As volume 20, 1928-1931.

Volume 22

Newspaper cuttings - mainly nature articles relating to Angus and Perthshire, by Colin Gibson, c 1950s.

Volume 23

Postcard album, c l9l8-l926. General views, mainly British (including one showing harvesting), comic cards and named artists cards.

Volume 24

Album of newspaper cuttings, mainly c 1805-c 1917. Includes family

and local news, with a few poems.

Also includes plan, elevation and section of curb and cross (for gravestone) Alex Macdonald and Co., Aberdeen Granite Works, 1886. [Tracing].


Volume 25

As volume 24, c 1878-1905. Includes note on family of 0gilvy of Inshewan 1705-c. 1850.

Volume 26

Scrapbook, c 1900. Includes Christmas cards, newspaper prints, commercial scraps and artists prints.

Volume 27

Scrapbook, c 1900. Includes commercia1 scraps and royal and military photographs from newspapers.

Volume 28

Scrapbook, c 1887. Includes pressed flowers and Christmas cards.


Postcard album, c 1902-1906. Includes views of France, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Holland, Scandinavia; cards showing national costumes; prints of paintings in European galleries.

Also includes some loose family photographs, c 1892-1896.

Volume 30

Sketch book with poems, some by Dorothy Maria Ogilvy, c 1832-1860.

Also includes French Republic banknote - Assignat de Cinq Livres, Serie


Volume 31

Album of prints: Galleria di Firenzo; Jacques Brogi, Photographer Florence, c 1850.

Volume 31 (A)

Scrapbook: Donald Ogilvy, c 1830s. Includes newspaper cuttings and some sketches.

Volume 32

Photograph album, c 1867. Family Portraits; miscellaneous British and European views; miscellaneous prints.

Volume 33

Photograph album, c 1870. Family portraits.

Volume 34

Photograph album, c 1870. Family portraits.

Volume 35

Photograph a1bum, c 1870. Family portraits; family groups; religious and other miscellaneous prints.


Volume 36

Photograph album, c 1870. Family portraits and family groups.

Volume 37

Photograph album, c 1880. Family portraits.

Volume 38

Photograph album, c 1890 Family portraits; family groups and some local views.

Volume 39

Photograph album, 1891-1892. Family portraits; family groups; views of Balnaboth, Inshewan, Innerquharity, Blairgowrie, Finavon. , some house interiors and photographs of employees.

Volume 40

Photograph album, 1892-1893. Views of Inshewan, Glenprosen, Balnaboth, Pitcarity, Broughty Ferry, Ballechin House, Glenogil House, Rashiebog, Lednathie, Ascreavie; some photographs of children, pets, tenants and employees outside cottages.

Volume 41

Photograph album, c 1892. African villages, tribesmen; freed slaves, plantation, white shooting parties, Arab officials; views of Perthshire, Braemar, Glenprosen; some house interiors, family groups and views of Winchester.

Volume 42

Photograph album, c 1900. Family portraits and groups including some with employees and horse drawn carriages; harvest scenes; views of Perthshire, Angus, England, Ireland and France.

Volume 43

Photograph album, c 1870. Family portraits and some local views.

Volume 44

Photograph album, c 1870. Local views; gardener, carpenter and other employees; miscellaneous prints.

Volume 45

Photograph album, c 1905-1908. Family groups; local views; John Ogilvy of Inshewan's electric car; harvesting; employees;. Burmese scenes; fox-hunting in England; miscellaneous Eng1ish, Irish and Scottish views.

Volume 46

Photograph album, c 1903-1906. Local views; family groups; harvesting; Clifton College, nr Bristol, showing school buildings, cricket matches and school interiors; R.M.C. "C" coy on manoeuvres and as a group.


Volume 47

Photograph album, c 1880. Local views; Bristol and European views; miscellaneous prints.

Volume 48

Photograph album, c 1907. Indian views; British army officers' group, polo match and sports day.

Volume 49

Photograph album, c 1909. Family portraits; family groups; haymaking; Scottish views; boy scouts' display; warships.

Volume 50

Photograph album, c 1903-1913. Farms and farmers; horses; cricket match; and house interiors; caravans and interiors fire fighting at thatched cottage; airborne early flying machine; various views and family groups in Ilfracombe.

Volume 51

Photograph album, c 1900. British and European churches; local views;

military personnel, probably in South Africa.

Volume 52

Photograph album, c 1890. Famous Indian buildings.

Volume 53

Photograph album, c 1880. English and Italian views; country house and ladies playing tennis.

Volume 54

Photograph album, c 1897. Local views; family groups; tenants and cottages; miscellaneous Scottish, Irish and English views.

Volume 55

Photograph album, c 1910. Views of Balnaboth and other local views.

Volume 56

Snapshot album, c l923-l93l. Mrs Maclean's family, and views of south of England.

Volume 57

Snapshot album, 1926-1929. Boats, planes and various buildings; family groups, and miscellaneous English and European views.

Volume 58

Snapshot album, 1927-1938. Mrs MacLean's family.


Volume 59

Photograph a1bum, c 1900. Miscellaneous photographs mainly of churches.

Volume 60

Photograph album, c 1920. Cottages and views in Skye.

Volume 61

Photograph album, c 1930. Family groups; shooting and fishing parties;

motor cars.

Volume 62

Photograph album, c 1930. family groups and old woman at spinning wheel.

Volume 63

Photograph albums, c 1930.

Volume 64

Photograph album, c 1930. Family groups; churches; miscellaneous prints.

Volume 65

Photograph album, c 1928-1943. Mrs MacLean's family; school p1ays; Mrs MacLean and other nursing staff, c 1941.

Volume 66

Photograph album, 1930-1935. Mrs MacLean's family; passenger ships and motor cars.

Volume 67

Photograph album, c 1945-1952. Mr and Mrs Mac Lean's wedding; family

groups; children and views of Balnaboth.

Volume 68

Photograph album, c 1948. Mr and Mrs MacLean and child.

June 1978



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